Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer of smartphones.

Apple has released just in time for WWDC Developers Conference a new version of the iPhone presented. But this is only the beginning: In the coming weeks and months there will be smartphones rain.


Truly ground-breaking innovations, the new iPhone 3G S not to offer. It is faster, of course, but on the performance there were hardly any complaints. It can now record videos, shoot some better photos and has a compass chip installed. Moreover, it is now controlled by language, knows the Copy and Paste commands, and can finally send MMS messages and as a mobile modem on your notebook can be used.

Whether the latter also features the German iPhone partner T-Mobile can use on Monday night was still unclear. Meanwhile, a company spokesman confirmed blogs ONLINE: Yes, MMS will be in the German network can use. Depending on the contract are different quotas such multimedia messages included in the basic price. Any additional MMS should be charged 0.39 euro.

Also, the modem function, the so-called "Tethering", T-Mobile support. There is, however, a separate fee, similar to what the group already in the Internet telephony (VoIP) networks in its handling. Exact prices for this are still not fixed.

The rise will cost extra

It is clear what the future iPhone will cost: The high-end version with 32 GB of memory is in the cheapest fare (Complete XS, 25 euros per month) 250 euros. In the most expensive tariff (Complete L, 120 euros per month), it is almost a gift euro. S 3G iPhone with 16 GB will cost about half, so a maximum of 130 euros, while the price for the more recent iPhone 3G with 8GB to a maximum of 60 euro is lowered.

If you are already a 3G iPhone have in place before buying the new model, however, exactly as expected. Although there is the possibility of 3G on the 3G upgrade S, but T-Mobile wants to unconfirmed but reported to be 25 euros per month for the remaining term of the contract still in force calculated. So, for example, even twelve months of his contract iPhone is bound to pay for the transition 300 euros extra.

But that is probably not necessary, because many of the new iPhone features you will encounter the iPhones of the first and second generation can use. The corresponding update is on 17 Of June are available - free of charge.

But who still has no iPhone, only with the purchase of a new mobile phone with touch screen, internet connectivity and multimedia features toying should not hastily go shopping. Finally, other parents have beautiful daughters. Should read: Much of what the iPhone 3G is S, other smartphones, too.

Even Nokia, Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung and all the others have new smartphones in the pipeline. Many of them will be in the next few weeks on the market, at least one of which already exist. One thing is for sure but in any case that it is a mobile hot summer. The mobile phone giants and their smaller competitors are dealing with spectacular announcements are trying to beat.

Read the following pages all about the mobile phone highlights of the summer. blogs ONLINE, the main iPhone followers gathered.

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