Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Startup problems with Nokia's software shop.

Software, games, ring tones: Nearly a year after Apple announced on Tuesday Nokia's Ovi Store opened its doors. Million mobile phone users can get with extensions for their mobile phones supply - in theory. Indeed, shortly after the opening of the first problems showed.


With plenty of delays are now also the Finns to the starting line: On Tuesday opened the world mobile phone leader Nokia's Ovi-Store, an online store, where mobile phone users with software, games and amusing little person. At the opening of the online shop Nokia fans have waited a long time. Finally, Apple has been almost a year before, how to successfully market mobile phone software: Within the first nine months were from the App Store for the iPhone one billion programs downloaded.

This figure has now topped Nokia begun. Actually, the task of the Finns can easily be overcome. That at least put the sales figures closely. While Apple's market researchers Gartner that in the first quarter of 2009, not quite four million iPhones to sell could put Nokia in the same period, nearly 15 million smartphones - and also sold around 82 million less powerful mobile phones.

Despite this advantage is the market leader is not easy to catch up with its competitors. This shows itself in the scope of supply. In Apple's App Store are now more than 35,000 applications, games and fun programs to find. Many of them free, the bulk of the pay programs at prices of 0.79 and 1.79 euros.

Rates up to 40 euros

Nokia's shop has plenty of growth there. Currently, he offers, for example, 471 for the current touch-screen mobile phone Nokia 5800 XpressMusic on. The share in the areas of programs, audio and video, games and personalization on. The percentage fee deals is considerably higher than for Apple. Thus, the store on Wednesday for the 5800 model only 34 free title, on the other hand, has 437 paid listings.

Only rarely stumbles man rummaging through a software available for 0,99 Euro is offered. Even for simple tones should be 2.99 berappen, Wallpapers for mobile phones cost 1.99 euros. Games, such as the card game "Omar Sharif Bridge, beat most with 4.99 Euros. True it is expensive but when you get to seriously hunt usable applications. A tool that is available Wi-Fi networks in the area indicates, has a price of 9,99 euros. Dictionaries and cities leaders are 15 to 25 euros, office utilities and security software costs up to 40 euros.

A "total disaster"

But at least the first approximately 24 hours after the opening of the Ovi Store, it was not even sure if we ever found admittance. Apparently the systems were not designed to rush to the start of worldwide sales followed. Partial receipted Store logon attempts with error messages, sometimes the pages were just white. Unusually, these performance problems with the introduction of such online services, however, does not and it is expected that the situation calmed once the great early interest has resolved.

But many laurels could Nokia software does not yet store einheimsen, neither Nokia nor fans of technology journalists. The high-tech blog Techcrunch called about the opening as "
total disaster, "criticized the inconsistent user guide and noticed that some have recommended applications in the morning a few hours later, no longer in the store were found.

Similar criticism is based on the Symbian mobile operating system specialist website
Ovi Allaboutsymbian with the store to court. Also there is the criticism hakelige operation. Above all, you disturb the specialists that the Store does not distinguish between different applications based on Java on and those that are directly adapted to Symbian.

However, there is, however, that the Ovi Store still far with Apple's App Store or the Android Market for mobile phones with the Google Android operating system can absorb. But still, there is widespread agreement that the Finns still around the rudder cracks Ovi from the store but still a successful model can tinker. Tech Digest has even already have a
Five-point plan.

Jesus programs, beer glass simulations fart and software are not among them - this is precisely such a fun-time applications to the burners at rival Apple. Whether Nokia users should not have joy?

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