Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apple finds Jesus not good.

Who's with small programs for the iPhone wants to make money must be in Apple's App Store to create only what is offered is centrally located, has opportunities to be perceived. But Apple does not take long for each program - so you've got standards. Easy to understand but they are not.


It is normal that Apple has not justified its decision: Power words from Cupertino are not only act when "guru" Steve Jobs expresses it. The Apple model is based on a good piece that her small company's world with an iron grip. Because the highly efficient business-world lives like this from Apple, not just any profane markets with products to use. Apple makes its markets with a preference - and where there is re-inventing the wheel.

Offensive: Saints and humor combine, you can not find Apple

Nowhere is the hitherto succeeded so perfectly as with the iPods (vulgo: MP3 player) and iPhones (vulgo: mobile phone). The secret of Apple's exorbitant success with these products is not least is that the product developer and supplier industries in the iron grip has. Who wants to sell music online - this law has been in years - must be in Apple's iTunes Music Store and be represented Apple can dictate terms. Who programs for the iPhone will sell, must be in Apple's App Store represented. But not everyone is allowed.

Rejected was currently very small, for example, the software "
Me as Holy "of the developer Benjamin Kahle.

The program is one of the typical small iPhone gimmicks, which are useful as some describe it, some more than cute or funny, as many more and even more silly than actually completely superfluous. If you like, inherit the iPhone program Tweety and Co., the stupid little cell phone applications, the pain-free years of service prior to the mobile hochjazzten cult. Today squawk just chicks no more silly, hysterical enthirnte rats or frogs, and on mobile phones in the music charts. Today, the iPhone user the phone to the lips to create a virtual beer to drink. Very funny is that - even if only very briefly original.

Even Benjamin Kahle had invented something original. That it would work, he knew - finally, the program builds on its already successful iPhone software "Animalizer": Here you can find cute pet photos with the insertion of a separate portraits, for example, into a sheep's head, then aufhübschen. His pig is beautiful, so to say - "Me so holy" varies with the functionality of the program in animalcule another topic.

Also his new plant would have a program with potential for success may be because the operation is described with a few words. Who "Me so holy" wants to use must

Religion is a sacred figure and decide
a photo of the insert,
a small text message type
and the whole ship.

Seconds later, the addressee of the message has a kind of picture postcards from the sender as a saint greets.

Me So Holy iPhone App from Benjamin Margolis on Vimeo.

But the developer has to work his program from the animal kingdom into the kingdom of the saints to port, probably made in vain: Apple rejected the program. And unlike in most cases with justification: "Me so holy" is contrary to section 3.3.12 of the Terms of Apple made available for free iPhone software development kit (SDK), the production of iPhone games and their publication in Apple's own store allows.

Section 3.3.12 is a kind of pornography scheme, offering the "offensive" content bans. The fact that users with "Me so holy" is not only an image of Jesus and Co., but even their own to make Jesus and Co., Apple faces - and the program flew out of the shop.

Decency rules are part of the GTC

This is by no means rare. The fact that Apple apparently thinks that it was offensive, Jesus pictures with your own picture to send, you can still understand it perfectly: Humor is nothing you with most religions, or in combination will bring, if you have his grandchildren grow up to see wants. Also that an iPhone program that is on
violent shaking of infants is based, nothing is what Apple wants to be associated, one can understand.

For other appleigen decisions may be the program's makers, however veräppelt feel. As an example iBoobs, the small application, when it comes to breasts shaken after Schwingen is rejected, it was trying to morally or aesthetically motivated censorship to believe. But far from it: the competition from Wobble Bikini Babes provides and offers exactly the same - and more. Because here you can not just shake breasts, but also to rear parts. Very witzisch, Alder, eyh.

So why iBoobs flew out of the shop? Because it is the functionality of the corresponding wackelnden Babes: Apple reserves the right, functional duplicity simply to prohibit them. This reasoning was also mail programs, which Apple's own iPhone Apps-mail may have a rival, is prohibited. Opera Software renounced from the outset of the new Opera Mini browser (market leader in the mobile market) for the iPhone, because Apple's Safari Opera so that competition would have a chance, and thus would have been - Apple would have the distribution via App Store probably rejected.

Indecent is apparently also politics, because even a game where you shoes on George W. Bush and could pose a trampoline, where you can umherwerfen Barack Obama, were rejected. A South Park application for dirty language flew out, "Slasher" because of violent content: The program showed a kitchen knife and left the phone painful yelp when you shook it.

Such nonsense, Apple also other reasons from the shop repaid: Applications will be disqualified, the "no benefit for the user" status. These include - as opposed to virtual beer and breasts wackelnden - the application "I am rich" and "I am poor", which ultimately did not much more than just make that clear.

Rules? Sovereign decisions? Arbitrariness?

"I am rich" was also the first totally functionless program for the iPhone: The application showed no more than one incident-free pictures - and demonstrated the well-equipped pecuniary status of the buyer by the fact that it should cost $ 1000. "I am poor" on the other hand, one could not refuse because of futility, here again the argument went, the program was indecent or obscene.

"Pull my finger", however, fell through, but then was lucky to return to the store included: rolling since the ruble, because obviously enjoys the game, where one mobile phone to fart brings by a cartoon character on finger pulls , the highest popularity. Whether this is tasteful, not offensive, useful or for other reasons is not superfluous?

At least the people who buy the application, do seem to assume. And thanks to Apple, they may rethink the whole of the official App Store, the only approved for quality worthy of programs can be found.

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