Monday, June 22, 2009

Apple Rejects iPhone from C64.

The project sounds programmed Success: A software makes the legendary C64 on the iPhone after - including a virtual joystick and quick way for Games. The program is ready and it threatens to fail, because Apple will not publish it.


It sounds like the software has become a dream of many old-school gamers: the C64 alive! And the very modern, to-be-Always have, always ready for a quick mid-game. On the iPhone that you could soon be the classic
good old bread box again leave. But only if Apple's software assessor change their minds. Their ruling that allowed the virtual C64 is not on Apple's mobile phone.

It all began so well that which. As Brian Lyscarz Apple over its project, including the C64 joystick control and play on the cult touchscreen phone to transfer outlined, it was by the idea evidently pleased, said the programmer support. But now came the provisional Off. Apple's testing laboratory for iPhone programs rejected the "
Commodore 64 for iPhone "ab.

It seemed Lyscarz everything, but really all right to have made. Support for the costly project, he is in the mobile games company specialized Danish Kiloo. And to make things right with anything approaching, he settled for Commodore Gaming, which today have the rights to the brand Commodore hold a license for its iPhone-C64 exhibit.

Can others, what the C64 can not?

Despite all these safeguards could be Apple's software Vorkoster not soften. Their reasoning: The software injured paragraph 3.3.2 of the Terms and Conditions for Apple's iPhone software developer, the iPhone SDK. It says iPhone software could not install executable programs or download. That would, however, the C64 emulator do.

The Apple now but precisely for this reason the intake of the C64 in its software shop denied, but makes aback. Finally, it Lyscarz, there are already some iPhone programs, which worked very similar way. As an example he gives the program "Frotz", a software-old Infocomm Adventures playable on the iPhone does.

Unclear registration practice

Apple's practice, the iPhone software only after prior review for sale or to give on the App Store release, has since the opening of the Software Stores with harsh criticism to fight. First, because the accreditation process for the software vendor is not transparent, they are not informed about how far a new software title in the approval process is and when the publication is to be expected. Marketing and advertising can hardly be planned.

Above all, however, surprised both providers and users time and again about the criteria according to which applications may be rejected. For example, the humorous "
Me so holy ", the portrait photos with Saints images linked, flatly rejected, while a very questionable game in which
virtual babies almost shaken to death should be durchgewunken was initially uncritically.

On other phones already running the Commodore

Programmers Lyscarz hopes that public pressure on Apple to be able to exercise. On the Web site of his company
Manomio it calls on, as much as possible about the "C64 for iPhone" on blogging, and tweeter to be reported - at least in Twitter with full success.

Whether Apple, however, a little web chirping restores, is questionable. So far at any rate, the company remains silent as ever, refuses any comment on the C64 emulator from.

So if you are actually on the old C64 games again to be carried out, must still draw on other smartphones. For mobile phones with Google Android OS and Nokia phones, there are some long-emulator software, the old Commodore on the mini-screen magic. Consistent with the retro look of the "C64 for iPhone" however, can not keep both.

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