Sunday, May 31, 2009

Phones are used for electrical wallet.

Soon, phones could be credit cards as a cashless payment replaced. Simple, cheap and fast payment will be via phone - when there are so-called Mobile Payment not a few practice problems.


Berlin - Every second German hopes, with the mobile phone is not only, but also pay them. The scientists at the University of Augsburg found. "Consumers want it and do not understand why it still does not work," says the head of the Research wi-mobile at the University of Augsburg, Key Pousttchi. It would be so handy in a vending machine, or in a taxi at the supermarket checkout only to the mobile zücken and all payments from one hand to do.

Trial of a Dutch supermarket chain in any case governed by the Mobile Payment been enthusiastic, says Pousttchi. In this experiment, however, have to work, so far only a few mobile payment methods offered: "You held the phone to a station at the box office, it made 'Beep' and that's it," says the scientist.

Ease of use is for the customers of A and O, because there are already other payment methods, whether in cash or by credit card. "Since M-Payment must at least be easier or nicer to use. If you click here, and yet there's something to select, the procedure is dead," he knows from experience with other experiments.

How can you make money?

It would be too cumbersome, for example, at the box office only an SMS reply to the merchant and the payment trigger. Again, this possibility has already been tested, but could not be enforced.

When payment is only for the SMS mobile services like ring tones in use. One reason is that all payments to these so-called Premium SMS-third of the money to the mobile operator, and another third is still often to other service providers, which the payments.

Reason for the slow deployment of mobile payment is Pousttchi according to the complexity of the technology. You will still underestimated. Difficult is the business itself: How can one with M-payment money? And how will the security be ensured? Which procedure is the best and who will introduce it? Of the few suppliers of mobile payment methods, two at the beginning of this year: Crandy - a word created from credit and cell phone - and LUUP. This company made the sending of money between individuals possible.

"NFC is the future"

At the moment exists only MPASS, a system for customers of Vodafone and O2, which is based on the payments in the Internet is limited, and "Call & flexible pay" from the telecoms, with the machines can be paid. Success is a promising technology, which is also the Dutch supermarket was trying to basically says Pousttchi. It is based on wireless technology RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). An RFID chip in a piece of clothing could be the price of the phone display and send a payment request. RFID implementation for mobile is close-range communication (NFC, Near Field Communication) called.


RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID system consists of a transponder, the incoming radio signals and answer to an object is located. Moreover, a reader of them. The transponder can be as small as a grain of rice.

The implementation of RFID for mobile is a Near Field Communication (NFC) refers. This is a transmission standard for contactless exchange of data over very short distances. It was developed by Philips and Sony. With an NFC mobile consumers will be comfortable and cashless ticketing, for example, by touching or solve a so-called tags, information from a poster on their phone can.


"In three years there will be no new phones without NFC give" expected Pousttchi. "What mobile payment at close range, it is the future of NFC." With an NFC mobile phone of Nokia, for example, were customers of the Rhine-Main transport association in a pilot project by touching a stop on the radio chips attached information and ticket purchase.


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How long it will take to the Mobile Payment prevails, depends on the behavior of participants, says Key Pousttchi. Still, it would be possible with a really good method to market quickly aufzurollen ". If this does not happen, American corporations could win the race, just as in the credit card was. In the Netherlands in any event, every second customer specified, for a mobile phone with mobile payment function, the network provider to another. Actually an unbeatable argument in the hotly competitive mobile market.

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