Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The iPhone, which is none.

Success attracts imitators to. Just like designer clothes and expensive watches are also increasingly sophisticated mobile phones copied. blogs ONLINE has a Chinese iPhone copy under the microscope. If the cheap model, what the manufacturer promises?


What is that? It just looks like an iPhone, clearly. But it's smaller, much smaller. If there's an iPhone nano would be, then it would probably look like this - or something like that. Because what happened to me because in the hand is pressed, is no iPhone, it only does so.

Indeed, it is by its manufacturer as m888a means, but by that name on the device is no trace to be seen. Instead, there is great "mini" on the back, next to the Apple logo.

An Apple logo? Well, almost, because as the metal was shaped, how does an apple that also recalls Apple Crest fruit, but is somehow wrong, almost as if someone had the wrong template placed on the copier. But so have the curious failure of the Chinese Nachbauer still no end.

Especially nice is the lettering on the back cover has succeeded. Just like the original there are a serial number and the reference to the country of manufacture to China. Where Apple makes it clear however that the device was designed in California, is on the clone to read: "Made by USA". Aha, produced by the U.S. also. Whether the know?

Not every icon keeps what it promises

Hardly, because the developer and manufacturer of the mini, the
CisCam Electronics Co. LTD., Has its headquarters in the Chinese industrial city of Shenzhen. Originally, the company had engaged in the manufacture of network surveillance cameras and specialized. Meanwhile, the engineers seem but copies of successful mobile phone as lucrative field of activity to have discovered. Besides iPhone replicas offering the company openly Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson clones. Even phones in the style of Nokia's Vertu brand Nobel Ciscam has on offer.

Which has been used as "mini iPhone" device advertised, however, precious little to do. Apart from its aluminum rear of the device is not noble to be found. However, the software developer an honest effort, the Apple-imitated look. The main menu presents itself with smaller versions of the iPhone icons. They have, however, often quite different features than the originals. A click on the Google Maps logo carries around in a file manager.

Where is the hidden pen?

Anyway reveals immediately that the pretty icons are only aufgeflanscht. Directly below, the graphical splendor to an end, shows a text-only menus. The show also that they do not actually touch screen for mobile phones designed. Next to each menu item is emblazoned a number between 0 and 9 Had a keyboard, you could probably order the functions by pressing a button control.

In the small iPhone but you have to try each line of text with a finger to take what is tricky. The only 2.6 inch screen is small for the many lines of text presented simply too little space. Well, that Ciscam pen as a pointer operator assistance mitliefert. Pity that the design was apparently not taken into account, completely under the back lid is hidden. To join the mini-pen, you must first commercially the phone partly disassembled and then put back together.

Everything except Internet

But there are also highlights. Thus, the two m888a Sim card slots, can therefore two providers simultaneously einbuchen. This is handy when you call for voice and data provider uses different holiday or a SIM card of the country in addition to the trip home would like to insert. Moreover, the battery is replaceable and the Bluetooth feature allows you to transfer music. One such feature is Apple's first with the next software update in due course.

The musical abilities of the device itself, however, are on MP3 files, which are but not many can be accommodated. Although the product is stamped indicating 8GB is only 1 GB of memory installed. Internet functions do not exist. Neither a Web browser or an e-mail program are available. Given the slow data rate of the built GPRS module, this is probably better that way.

Is there a copy of his cult?

A real iPhone is the replacement m888a or "iPhone mini" so little. With Apple's cult-mobile announced it just a little appearance, nothing else. However, not even the price. For 85 dollars, about 62 euros, praises the manufacturer's device. For a simple GSM mobile phone with dual sim touch screen feature and not a bad price.


Discuss about this article

But who wants to save the mobile phone, is now no longer on such replicas instructed. Only on Tuesday, for example, entry-level Nokia phones that have similar favorable as the iPhone clone, but was technically far superior. These include the Nokia 2720 fold, a folding mobile phone, which still go online via EDGE may not look sick and even 55 Euro cheaper than Apple's clone.

Similar low-cost mobile phones is available from various manufacturers, quite legally and with warranty, if something breaks. Whether this is recognized by the "mini iPhone" can expect? Doubts are appropriate.

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