Monday, June 29, 2009

Manufacturers agree on standard connectors.

Concludes with the cable-Chaos: From 2010 to the major mobile phone manufacturers to design devices with uniform Ladekabeln equip - not entirely voluntary. With the commitment, the company of a possible Directive of the EU Commission before.


Brussels - Who does not know the desperate Bittgänge of colleagues in search of something fresh for your current phone? Nokia Power Supply Wanted "or" Did someone may have a Sony Ericsson charger here? "Are typical titles of circular mail, the desperate mobile phone users with discharged battery by mail circular sent to all employees. Such desperate measures could be coming to an end, because some of the major mobile phone manufacturers have agreed on a uniform standard for chargers agreed.

The first generation of new cell phones that are no longer only with a certain power supply can be charged, from 2010 onwards should be available, said the EU Commission on Monday in Brussels.


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This mobile phone users need not each time a new charger when they move from one mobile phone manufacturer to another. The Chargers will be on the basis of a so-called Micro-USB connector standardized. The agreement was signed among others by the company Apple, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Texas Instruments signed.
The introduction of international standards on the same basis is only planned for 2012.

The fact that most chargers and mobile phones do not work together, be a big disadvantage for the users and leads to unnecessary waste, said EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen. "I am very pleased that the industry has reached an agreement with the consumer's life a lot easier," said Verheugen further. He was very pleased that an industry solution and have found no statutory regulation of the EU is more necessary. The EU Commission had the mobile phone manufacturers with a regulator warned that no single power should be standard to be created.

Through old power supplies currently incur several thousand tonnes of waste per year. The industry estimates that now the number of produced chargers could be halved. Moreover, the new power supplies consume less power.

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