Monday, June 8, 2009

Cheaper mobile roaming tariffs in the EU.

The call from holiday this summer will be cheaper: According to the EU Parliament on Monday, the Consumer Minister new ceilings for mobile phone calls within the EU approved. And this is not the end: In the coming years, the prices continue to fall.


Luxembourg - Just in time for the holiday season will be mobile phone calls and text messages abroad cheaper. From 1 July calls from cell phones may be a maximum of 43 cents per minute instead of 46 cent as hitherto. The cost for receiving calls are from 22 to 19 cents reduced. That is a decision by the EU consumer ministers on Monday before. The step comes as no surprise, because in April, the EU Parliament approved the compromise.

Holiday call: Cell phone calls within the EU are getting cheaper

From July 2010 to apply maximum fares of 39 cents for calls and 15 cents for receiving calls. A year later, the ceiling at 35 cents and 11 cents reduced. SMS text messages in other EU countries may be from 1 July maximum of 11 cents cost. Currently they cost about 29 cents, in some countries even up to 80 cents. The EU Commission estimates that the cost of the so-called roaming around up to 60 percent could.

For data transfers from one EU country to another, the ceiling of one euro per megabyte. From July 2010 apply to 80 cents and 2011 then 50 cents (plus VAT).

Consumers can agree that the connection from a certain amount is automatically disconnected. This is to "shock bills" should be avoided. Furthermore, discussions following the first half minute seconds basis.

Since July 2007, a "Euro Tariff" for mobile phone conversations, the ceilings for the so-called roaming charges provided. These are the tariffs, the telecom providers charge each other when their customers make calls abroad or write an SMS. The new regulation will apply until the end of June 2012.

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