Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mobile operators want more money.

There are the big time operators agree: The fee for the forwarding of calls from other networks are too low, should urgently be increased - which is ultimately the customer would have to pay. Only one vendor from Shear, called the tariffs continue to reduce.


Dusseldorf - This is something different: instead of one as last time in practice to reduce prices, to three of the four German mobile operators will have more money. That they want to but not directly from consumers are taking, but each invoice. These are the so-called termination fees, payments, which the companies themselves for abfordern that it calls from their networks in their own forward.

Mobile phones: Some network providers will want more money for calls from foreign networks CASH

T-Mobile, Vodafone and O2 agree here: the forwarding charges should be increased. Only on the level of increase is one disagreed. While the two major operators for a moderate increase in termination fees vote, calls on O2 almost entirely immodest a doubling of fees. The walk, as it reported the news agency Reuters, on Wednesday from the published applications of the companies to the Federal Network Agency showed.

Only the mobile operator E-Plus suggests a different course, denied the claims of its competitors. Instead of a fee increase to exist, the company proposing the exact opposite of that requires a gradual reduction of existing tariffs.

At the end, customers pay

These are the termination rates for all operators is an important source of income. Every time one of its customers with a call from a network of the competition receives, they can be competitors that a specified amount chalk. How much is set but not the network itself, but the Federal Network Agency. Finally, do not end up paying the fees these companies themselves. Rather, the amount flowing into the calculation of the current mobile tariffs On. This is also the reason why network internal calls can be offered cheaper than calls to foreign networks.

2007 were the mobile operators with an application for fee increase failed. Instead, the charges on 1 December 2007 to around ten percent. Currently have T-Mobile and Vodafone for calls from other networks 7.92 cents per minute. E-Plus and O2 will receive 8.8 cents. E-Plus now wants a gradual reduction to 8.4, 7.6 and 6.8 cents by 2012 to reach. T-Mobile, however, calls for 8.39 cents and 8.23 cents Vodafone wants to enforce. O2 initially float 16.43 cents, which later on 14.98 until March 2012 and finally to 14.43 cents per minute will be reduced.

Matthias Kurth chief authorities on the other hand, had already said in the past year, he constructed with a further reduction of fees. From such a measure he expected further fall in retail prices. Moreover, the use of wireless networks increase, because more and more customers on a fixed line and also renounced the mobile Internet access important. To climb the network and the investment of providers were distributed to more minutes - fee increase unnecessary.

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