Saturday, January 31, 2009

Robot starts by burglars catchall.

Especially in Japan, robots are often used as guard dogs already in use by mobile phone networks even in private households. A model of the robot can forge Tmsuk burglars even via the net to prevent escape.


Robot as a guard employed, it is now a common approach, even if the robot on patrol, no real mass phenomenon. Nevertheless, there is even for home use have numerous offers, but of course, the robot-crazy Japan is a leader. A typical sheet metal comrade for the house, for example, is monitoring the "Roborior" in the bot-forge
Tmsuk, which is marketed by Sanyo in Japan, and converted it cost around 2,300 euros.

T-34 begins Finster man: Thus, the manufacturer before. Around 7000 euros, the sheet-metal guard with a net cost-thrower

Roborior The key feature is the fast connection to the mobile network of the third generation, because on this one, the robot can be controlled, the other forward position by the video image including clay to his owners. In the promotional video, the Roborior practice then, that the working mother home from work from the command performs a check ride in the living room shows that the son of primary school age to close to the television screen squats, but in a reminder of the mother, whose voice from Roborior the speaker sounds, this error promptly corrected. That is even educational!


Ultimately, however, also operate the robots for commercial use as a guard dog is not unlike the schnuckelig Roborior. Devices like the "Guardrobo" beat alarm events when they register their software does not recognize as a matter of routine. The response to the outbreak of a fire or the appearance of a burglar, however, still some people left.

The latest creation from the house, however Tmsuk breaks from the schedule of the robot as passive observers. The martial as a famous Russian tank T-34 "designated machine runs not only by mobile phone networks patrol. T-34 is much more direct confrontation with a burglar.

If an unwanted intruder off, T-34 transmits the first video image via cell phone to the network operations center. From there, can turn the shooting down of a fishing nets are triggered, with the burglar at least for a short time to escape should be prevented. Rumor has it that the T-34 in two years for about 7,000 euros to the Japanese market, but also a version for household work. Whether burglars then come onto the market that are so readily as to catch plenty of immovable Lord in the demo video (see below) is still not entirely clear.

Robot laws



Magazine for electronic life aspects

Given the fact that the shot to the net via mobile phone from one person is triggered, could be the T-34 or just the "robot law" sufficient to do so. This in 1942 by writer Isaac Asimov and has of course no legal relevance, but among scientists as largely accepted guideline.

Asimovs first law for sheet metal comrades reads: "A robot must not be a human being (knowingly) violate." Complicated is the case of the T-34 but only by the second law: "A robot must be to him by a man given to obey commands - unless such an order would conflict with a rule." Accordingly, should the T-34 the command to launch the network, if this as a "violation" would measure.

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