Saturday, January 17, 2009

Misunderstandings in Pink.

Laptops in pink and a lot of Hello Kitty kitsch with strange colors computer manufacturers want to give hip. It is pink arg antiquated technology - and comes from customers, according to polls is rarely good.


Laptops, mobile phones and digital gadgets were not so long ago fully covered in Unfarben held somewhere between indifferent schmuddeligem beige and gray. Now exaggerate some manufacturers with technology colors according to the principle of trial and error.

Dell advertising: laptops in pink to bore the image of the computer manufacturer refurbish

This is a particularly tough trend for the color pink as a dominant element: "
Dell Thinks Pink! "It was in a particularly clear case of designer high spirits in a release of the computer manufacturer's laptops in pink, the color change after unfortunately still the same boring as before impact.

An experience with the Garmin navigation devices previously had to make, which is now exclusively in conservative colors. There are
Power supplies for the Nintendo DS Lite Pink on the shelf, or joke as the "Keyboard for Blondes" whose sight really is hard to endure.

Rosa shooting vest

Again and again, the effect is confused by the pink coloring of gadgets with marti physical appearance, such as the shooting vest for body-feedback Shooter games
3rd Space FPS Vest.

A common denominator has the urge to pink toy technology probably not if you once you disregard that the stereotype of girls as a pink color is tried. However, from a variety of motives. For the Breast Cancer Campaign 'Pink Ribbon' were some hard drives, laptops, MP3 players and much more dyed pink to raise awareness of a problem around the globe, the only adult women.

At the same time, Asian no-name producers a strong preference for Hello Kitty kitsch, one assumes, without any irony, that four-year-old girl he likes. The digital toys adults appear with this decal from the cure, but innocent children world perfectly in harmony, like pink cell phone and iPod imitation show, which is now obvious in the toy departments. The toy bear titles such as "iPop Lip Compact" and include cheap Schminksets for children.



Magazine for electronic aspects of life

For women, technology comes in pink badly, so the result of a survey in 2007 on behalf of
Saatchi and Saatchi advertising agency in Britain has been carried out.

Indeed, while only nine percent of women surveyed sure that gadgets "female" designs are felt by a majority pink Internet radios and mobile phones with decorative beads patronizing treatment.

Currently the situation in the pink gadget world in any case quite confused: Under the heading "Beware of the pink plague"
geißelte the technology blog Gizmodiva at the beginning of the toy trend in Pink because he children in traditional gender roles urge. Gizmodiva writes almost every day excited about the new Hello Kitty-Tand - but now it was simply "too much of a good thing."

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