Saturday, January 24, 2009

The iPhone as a joke.

Apple's download platform App Store is on track to become the model market for mobile software. That must be Apple but also with 14 new phenomenon as Furzkissen simulations one day employ.


The Mystic Game Development Company sells its products not directly to consumers. And this could be related to the software, the Dutch program, will not start. With its programs, the company that games developers tools available that allow, for example, animated characters in video games can. The small iPhone software "iBoobs" is primarily as a vivid demonstration of the latest features of the Mystic program "emotion" to understand the bad effects now dominating soft objects.
Web page of iFart: High-tech Furzkissen for download

Apple joined the breast loose software, however, little approval, "iBoobs" may not in any event on the App Store system. With YouTube, there are always videos of the application, but usually they are within a short period of time for users under 18 years locked - in prepubertal light of the stupidity of the program covered, but politically correct.

Why various programs access to the platform for iPhone application is denied, said Apple traditionally not. The formulaic rejection individual titles provoked accusations of censorship, of course, but the iBoobs example vividly illustrates why Apple in this purchase is: No checks at the entrance of the App Store would probably quickly flooded tracks the image of the hype phones permanent damage would be more likely.


When asked what programs in the App Store be tolerated, however, Apple is in a hard dilemma. The protection of the iPhone image stands contrary to the goal, the App Store as a central marketplace for mobile applications market. Censorship allegations are obviously counter-productive, because only a largely open platform is on a permanent basis for all suppliers attractive. These conflicting interests to get a hat, Apple must continually between control and laissez-faire and forth herlavieren.

Symbol of this development is not the chest iBoobs bad software, but a virtual Furzkissen calculated.

The first known application of this type joke is called "Pull My Finger" and offers 16-Pups noises with the match-inappropriate illustrations and vibration.

In the fall of Apple refused Blödel software initially to enter the App Store. The formulaic justification was "lack of utility" and drew a small wave of outrage after it. Finally, some of the most successful App Store offers the same stubborn or pointless as the iPhone Furzkissen: In the virtual aquarium "Koi Pond" simply fish swim around the "iBeer" is just as Partygag using, and the only function of the program " I Am Rich "was the purchase process - with which one could prove that they were $ 1000 for a red blob on the screen can afford.


Basically, Apple is expected with the success of its App Store highly satisfied. The platform was in any case at the beginning of December - just five months after the start - proudly reported, 10,000 programs have to offer. The group also said, already 300 million downloads have to be settled. How many of them were charged, however, betrayed Apple just as the turnover reached. That the group with 30 percent, which he sold software at each mitschneidet, well deserved, but on the hand.



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Apparently, given that Apple's successes eased a little access policy, which among other things, "Pull My Finger" finally in the App Store was allowed. The Furzkissen software but not for long remained alone. Because, as to Apple's initial reservations to illustrate spilled in December, a veritable flood of fart programs on the App Store. They were alone on 17 December - a peak of Furzwelle - no fewer than 14 new joke programs are counted, most of which are for 79 cents offered.

The greatest trick the counterfeiters is now is a catchy name for the umpteenth infusion of Furzkissenidee to find. Fart Button, Mr. Poot! IToot, iFart, iFartz, FartBox, Who Farted? Fart keyboard in any case are already occupied, as well as all possible variations in spelling. Whether this wave Furzkissen iPhone image is a lasting influence, remains to be seen.

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