Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The battle for the cloud begins.

Mobilization for Microsoft: In a few weeks, the group of new online services for mobile phone users to publish, report U.S. specialist. This is reminiscent of Apple's MobileMe to services from Google, Nokia and others. The battle for the data cloud has begun.


Hamburg - Not more of the personal computer, the PC, but the Internet will in future focus. This new strategy was Microsoft manager Ray Ozzie at the end of October 2008 announced
as he introduced Windows Azure, Microsoft's Windows operating system for
Cloud Computing. According to rumors, the company will soon take the first applications to imagine that the Azure technology use. And thus a blow to millions of mobile phone users to potential users of Microsoft's cloud data to make.

Microsoft Windows Mobile: the future with a direct connection to Microsoft's Cloud Computing OS Azure?

The charm of the cloud: The terminal is just a window on an up-to-date data. If the computer enters a date, sees him later when we look in the phone calendar, a contact who enters mobile, it can later retrieve at the computer - only online, of course. The same is true for address books, e-mails stored online photos, documents and so on.

Microsoft ranks now, if the rumor is true, in a range of suppliers from different industries, all want the same thing: access to the official data provide cloud. These include, for example, the search engine Google, the hardware manufacturer Apple with MobileMe and the mobile phone producer Nokia with its Ovi service. Also, the Vodafone mobile plan information from blogs online, according to increased use of such mobile data services in the cloak of their own mark set. The calculations for all competitors: Who is performing its data, will the online archivist can trust - there would have strong brands offer an advantage.

Microsoft's official announcement, this crowd of competitors join it for the Mobile World Congress, the main mobile phone trade show of the year, reports
Neowin. The Congress is held in mid February in Barcelona. According to the report, is Microsoft's technology allows mobile phone users, their data via the Web with online data stored deductible stocks offset data on the network and to exchange with each other.

A total of three bids were in development at Microsoft, which is currently under the code name skybox, Skyline and Skymarket would be tested, they say. The most interest is likely to be user-oriented private skybox to rise.

Skybox: Microsoft MobileMe clone?

The skybox will be its users, among other things allow online backups of your mobile phone or data stored on the same play back. Moreover, it is planned by skybox mobile data online to manage and skybox with other users to exchange. Contact data, e-mails and appointments will be via skybox virtually in real time with the online data stored stocks can match.

Skyline is opposed to small and midsize companies. With this online software to mobile phone companies to their employees for the cooperation with Microsoft's e-mail, contact and schedule management software can configure Exchange.

The third puzzle piece of the new Cloud Computing strategy will ultimately Microsoft online software store Skymarket in February in operation. In this online shop owners to Microsoft's mobile phones with Windows Mobile software in the future with additional software can provide.

Good abgekupfert?

To create new ideas is that none of the three planned online offerings. So Apple was about a good half a year with the online service MobileMe at the start, the concept as a blueprint for skybox looks. MobileMe combines the data stationary computer with a Web portal and the iPhone.
Apple had some difficulties, however, the initially promised real-time synchronization of data is actually implemented. Apple's offer single user costs 79 euros per year.

Similar is the linking of Google's Internet services with mobile phones based on Google's Android operating system. First experiences with the
on Monday in Hamburg presented T-Mobile G1 example showed that the cell phone only use it when you compare it with a Google account is linked. Instead of the PC, the device is on Google's online calendar and address book with data - here, however, free of charge.

Many Google applications such as calendars, e-mail, news alerts and others can now also integrate other smartphones - a Android phone you need is not necessarily just an Internet connection.

A key difference between Google and MobileMe is rumored to the skybox but then show: While MobileMe iPhone works only with Google and its full potential is currently before the G1 reserves will be Microsoft's skybox also be used with mobile phones, on which there is no Windows Mobile is installed .

Much software for Windows Mobile Phones

However, both Apple and Google already online shop for mobile software in operation. With Google cavort there in the third month after the introduction of Google's mobile phones in the United States is already around 700 applications. Apple App Store recently announced the availability of iPhone programs now include 15,000 shares. Microsoft to offer Windows Mobile software is expected to lie somewhere in between. Finally, there are now thousands of additional programs for Windows-based mobile phones. Only one has yet painstakingly from various sources are looking for.

About possible prices for Microsoft's new online services for mobile, there is as yet not even vague speculation. From free to very expensive everything is still possible. It is, however, that at least Skyline, the service for business users, will be charged. As is also sure that Microsoft's mobile data cloud in the range of Windows Live services will be classified.

Gerüchtelt addition, the company will be in Barcelona, the new version 6.5 of its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile show. Quite possible that the developers of this software to ensure that the operating system and online services like closely linked, as Apple and Google have already Provided the. How would Windows phones to unlock the current trends and could again become more attractive - what they urgently need.

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