Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apple gets iPhone patent.

Is that still a coincidence? Hardly threatening Apple COO Tim Cook imitators with complaints, Apple gets a patent on the user interface of the iPhone. Two years had taken the application, the release of Apple's exactly the right time.


The number
7479949 smartphone manufacturers should remember. Under this point is that Apple's patent for the user interface of the iPhone in the U.S. Patent Office registered. Almost two years, the officials used to Apple's patent application for review, but now it's official: The rights to the typical way to the cult-mobile phone with finger gestures controls are at Apple.

The magic touch: With the iPhone, Apple has a design trend. The problem is that if competitors also touch the multi-function mobile imitate

This message should be at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino already eagerly waiting for. Finally, Steve Jobs had representatives at the chief post, Tim Cook, only a few days ago made it clear that Apple is not to put up
when other manufacturers, the principles of the iPhone interface their own. Without directly to a specific company address, he said it would be such attempts with all means available to combat them.

Observers suspect Cook had with his threat to Palm frameworks, which just announced Smartphone Palm Pre in some detail the iPhone is very similar. With the assignment of the patent, Apple has now basically the funds in hand to combat Palm approach. However, the company would have to clear evidence of how well Apple's patents actually violated.

538 page long document

The on January 20, 2009 dated patent itself is entitled "touchscreen device, method and graphical user interface, user input in order to determine heuristically. As the inventor will be Steve Jobs and Apple's 25 other employees mentioned.

A total of 538 pages, the document include the more than 60 illustrations is garnished. Important should be above all what is already in the brief summary of the patent stands. It says, Apple has the patent on "contacts from one or more fingers with the touch screen to detect and precisely from these contacts with the help of heuristic methods to determine whether the user, for example, move the screen, it scrolls or other command wants to run.

Now remains to be seen to what extent the newly acquired Apple patent applies and whether the companies interested in the use of multi-touch finger referred Steuerungstechnik against payment of royalties will allow. It affects not only mobile phone company, but also a number of manufacturers of other devices such as MP3 players, which is still held back so that multi-touch technology into their devices installed.

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