Friday, January 9, 2009

Bomb damages propaganda SMS, flying jammers.

In the Palestinian territories will be fixed and mobile network of the listed company Paltel operated. The company generates 20 percent of Palestinian GDP, and must equally with Israel and Hamas to arrange.
  It seems to be the characteristics of modern, asymmetrical warfare is that in the middle of the chaos the private sector is booming telecommunications. Thus the Telkos in countries like Afghanistan or Iraq, of course, an exception, because the economies of countries in many parts of lying fallow. But the demand for telephone lines, Internet and mobile phones especially in crisis areas seems inexhaustible, as it usually only for the services of private security companies in the case.
Where does the demand for means of communication stems, it is precisely in the Gaza Strip clearly understand: The more dangerous the situation becomes, the smaller is the radius of the population. Phones are often the only benign way of ensuring contacts outside your own four walls or the residential district to maintain. And when absolutely necessary Because the cellular network for the careful routing irreplaceable, at least to avoid the biggest risks.
Palestinian telecoms
In the Palestinian territories, the Paltel Group a de facto monopoly as fixed-line, internet and mobile service providers. The company consists of a fixed division with 400.000 customers, the Jawwal mobile with 1.1 million customers, the Internet provider Hadara and some IT and content companies. The Palestinian networks have now had its own country code (+970), but the landline is technically and organizationally still largely a part of the Israeli infrastructure.
Also unusual: the manageable dimensions of the Palestinian territories and their arrangement, the nominal Gebietsmonopolist Jawwal competition almost everywhere. Thus, the four Israeli mobile even in large parts of Gaza a good reception. Altogether, according to information from the newspaper "Haaretz" about 700,000 Palestinians, the Israeli mobile phone networks.
But even beyond these geographic peculiarities Paltel is anything but a normal company: The charges are in Israeli shekels, that corporate profits in Jordanian dinars, and investments in dollars. Paltel is also a limited company, whose papers to 100 percent on the stock exchanges in Nablus (West Bank) and Dubai are traded. The shares will be made following companies reported widely in the widely held. But even if this is true, it is clear that Paltel under control in the West Bank, Fatah's ruling stands. In everyday life, the company must, however, with the Israeli interests in the Gaza Strip and the bargain with Hamas arrange.
The strict import controls Paltel Israel also restricts the development of an independent infrastructure strong. "We must accept, for example, that Israel is the import of whole agencies simply do not approve. We have the technology be installed in London," Paltel CEO said Abdel Malik Jaber recently of "Haaretz". With the diversion of the affected are of course additional talks at the end of the Jawwal customers bear. But after Paltel forcibly experience in the extraterritorial remote mediation talks could gather, this is now a service by a specially formed subsidiary marketed.
Market heavyweight
In the economy of the autonomous areas is probably the most important Paltel company that just under one fifth of national product generated. Paltel shares even 50 percent of the stock market value in Nablus from. The Palestinian Telekom employs slightly more than a decade after its founding 4,000 employees, a further 10,000 will be employed through subcontractors.
In Gaza, the endeavor Paltel technician since the beginning of the recent Israeli military action, to step up the operation, despite all odds to maintain. However, it was now a major hub, including mobile phone mast by Israeli bombing severely damaged, as Paltel is currently on his website. One (for Paltel) unusually sharp blame towards Israel follows a thoroughly civilian phrase: "Our staff will do everything so that we soon affected services can offer."
IN COOPERATION WITH ... De-BugMagazin for electronic coexistence of civil and warlike statements characterized by its fairly accurately the confusing situation in the Palestinian network: Israeli army dispatched after a report by the British "Guardian" mass SMS to bombings against civilians in their neighborhood to warn. A spokesman of the Palestinian People's Resistance Committees, such a text message to the newspaper, however, as hostile propaganda, disinformation, many people needlessly from their homes have driven. The response of Hamas on the SMS-battleground is in short messages to Israeli mobile phone users, in which retaliatory strikes in the form of continued rocket fire is threatened.
Beyond the psychological warfare and propaganda, the mobile networks in the Gaza Strip but also very tangible military capabilities, especially the Israeli army to make. By phone gezündete booby traps are in the asymmetric war is one of the greatest dangers for regular armies dar. The military jargon IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) said explosives can be difficult even armored vehicles to be fatal. Against treacherous bombs put the Israelis initially jammers on specialty vehicles. But the so-called jammers can now also operate from unmanned drones.

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