Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Internet revolution comes as SMS.

Strategy Change: The mobile phone manufacturer Nokia turns increasingly become a provider of online services. The driver of the online revolution is neither GPS navigation or music download or mobile game, but an SMS information service for Indian farmers.


Nokia is still the undisputed market leader among mobile phone manufacturers. But the Finnish company has already paved the way for the next era asked. Because the market for mobile phones is considered to be largely exhausted. As the profit margins in the telephone-production rapidly shrinking, in future
especially strong sales services for sure. The realignment of the group follows the motto "content instead of hardware." The lush profits from the mobile phone boom are now in navigation services, mobile gaming and music download offerings invested.

Nokia 1200: Not with high-end phones, but with online offerings for emerging Nokia wants to revolutionize the mobile network

The new service called Nokia N-Gage (games), Nokia Maps (navigation) or "Comes with Music" (music downloads). This comes as a connecting element of the platform "Ovi", under which the Finns various mobile Internet services. Precisely this "Ovi" (Finnish for "door") is all the online services will one day become a "complete experience" link. So far, the development, however, is not just dramatically, owing primarily to the strong inertia of users likely to be attributed. The fact accept new mobile applications much too slowly - at least from the perspective of providers.

Life Tools

Now, the principle outlined in development worldwide, but not everywhere on the globe in the same form. Because mobile entertainment services, or finding a safe target restaurants are of course only in rich countries demand. In developing and emerging economies booming mobile telephony on the other hand, primarily because it opens up new job opportunities or the everyday life a little less entbehrungsreich makes: For millions of poor people in Africa and Asia is also the first mobile phone bank account, the first respectable address and the first uncensored Information Channel.

Therefore, the calculated data service imaginable unspectacular "
Life Tools "to Nokia's main service. And it just because he is on simple SMS text messages based. Thus it is not at an advanced mobile infrastructure of the third generation. SMS come much more even with poor reception and congested networks still relatively smoothly ans Objective. To be the "life tools" soon India's farmers and students quick access to time-critical information to offer.

The SMS Web

The "Life Tools" should be in the first half of 2009 to gradually be introduced throughout India, said Nokia in November 2008. Thereafter, the mobile Web also Simpel in selected countries in Asia, Africa and South America come. Users will be given to paid subscribers of information are. The fees are deducted from the credit. Even if it is only micro amounts, should be selected by the user masses solid business models are possible.



Magazine for electronic aspects of life

Just simple and unspectacular as the transmission of information via SMS, the display on the phone display: The "Life Tools" come in the form of graphically simple tables therefore. Their presentation is also on the monochrome screen of an
Nokia 1200 is possible. This model, designed specifically for the Indian market has been developed, but also is available here, provides only basic phone functions. The only extravagance equipment consists of a flashlight.

This will be the 1200 and his successor, 1202 without a contract for $ 25 offered. So the mobile online revolution 2009 probably in the form of weather and Adult Education courses, therefore, as the tables on a black-green-screen display - and not as colorful 3-D graphics on the screen sündteurer high-end mobile phones.

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