Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meizu China wants to be Apple.

High-quality products and sophisticated design: These are the goals of Meizu. In order to achieve them, the Chinese company a prominent role model chosen. Meizus MP3 players and smartphones striking out to Apple products - but are direct copies avoided.


The news that a Chinese company called
Meizu one in Shenzhen
Flagship store has opened, it was involuntarily to the famous rice sack umgefallenen think. Why shop for MP3 players and mobile phones in the southern Chinese city Twelve million even beyond China's remarkable, the gadget blog "
Engadget "in an awkward photo montage to the point: It shows
Apple's flagship store in New York, whose striking glass cube, a popular photo provenance. Instead of the apple mounted engadget graphic however Meizus "m" logo in the oversized glass construction.

Meizu's website: Why just copy the products, when the whole company can emulate?

Meizus flagship store in reality looks quite spectacular, the interior is in comparison to the interior of the unterkühlten Apple stores quite shabby. But the products that are offered for sale here, have a lot to offer. This applies to all Meizu products that they at first sight abundantly at the Apple gadgets remember.

Meizus parade horse named "
M8 "roughly similar to the iPhone in a very special way. The Chinese smartphone with multi-touch display model that mimics the gesture rather than in specific details of how a direct comparison of the device shows. Meizu But is not any Piratenbude from the Pearl River Delta, the rapid Hong Kong dollar with the umpteenth iPhone clone himself. Meizu is probably much longer the trial, not the product, but the manufacturers to copy.

Design and error

The relevant technology blogs was for the first time in 2006 Meizu attention to the company as their "
Mini Player "on the market. The also" M6 "called multimedia player accomplished the feat without the distinctive scroll wheel on an iPod now the fourth generation to remember. 2007 was followed by" Music Card "or" M3 "China's answer to the iPod Nano. The devices were of course much cheaper than their Apple counterparts, but also a critical test in the United States praised the sound processing, the value appearance and intuitive operation.

If the clever Chinese competition so far Apple has not yet noticed should be done with probably no later than January 2007. Because the smartphone M8, the Meizu just three weeks after Apple's official presentation of the iPhone announced that resembled the model not only externally. Also, the technical specifications and the interface design seemed very much of Apple's throw "inspired." Although declared Meizu CEO Jack Wong short time later that the basic design is already four days before the iPhone unveiling showed. But outside China, he could probably convince anyone.


Astonishing but true is the fact that Apple Meizu never been sued or comply - at least not officially. Although it was a
Raid on the CeBit technology trade show about a year ago initially Meizus state was due to Apple's initiative has been emptied. Later it turned out, however, that it is little unspectacular royalty payments for MP3 codecs went. The only action for copyright infringement against Meizu actually came from U.S. designer Philip Warner. One of its graphics as a screensaver is emblazoned on a M8 display, without the rights that previously had been clarified.

After numerous delays, the M8 since December last year, actually in China and have been consistently earned respectable reviews. And this despite the fact behind the iPhone from the "inspired" user interface Microsoft's operating system is Windows CE 6.0. The M8 is not only in functionality and performance with the model to measure the meticulous disassembly of the phone by a hobbyist blog had a consistently solid finish to light.



Magazine for electronic aspects of life

In direct comparison, the device can of course still not against the iPhone, so the tenor of the previous tests. Nevertheless, Meizu is now a serious competitor Apple respected. Finally, the company was first established in 2003. The M8 is more than finger exercise of a newcomer declared with regard to quality. And in China, the device should already be considered a success,
because the iPhone there has not yet officially sold since Apple and China Mobile did not have the conditions to be agreed. Therefore, the M8 during the first year in India and later also in the U.S. on the market.

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