Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama wants to keep BlackBerry.

Vorsprung durch Technik: Despite massive security concerns Barack Obama wants his beloved BlackBerry mobile after moving into the White House would not be. The politicians thus protector and lawyers before the new problems.


Washington - In an interview with CNN television Obama said that he and his multimedia mobile phone to contact the U.S. citizen wants to keep. The BlackBerry is an important part of a comprehensive strategy to the "bubble" around the president and the White House to escape.

"If I do something stupid, can someone from Chicago an e-mail and say: 'What are you doing?'" Said Obama.

He was anyway always assume that the contents of his e-mails could land on CNN, said Obama. That's why he is still thinking about it once before on "Send" button.


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Obama's team: The new team

The security adviser to the incoming president had warned that hackers small pocket computers could crack. There are also legal concerns: One after the Watergate scandal imported law stipulates that the entire official correspondence of a U.S. president must be saved.

Obama had already been campaigning heavily on modern information technology. He will be sworn in on Tuesday.

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