Thursday, January 29, 2009

Obama has his BlackBerry back.

Barack Obama is now talking again, as he likes: The U.S. president has his BlackBerry back, he was sworn in after his first for security reasons had to submit. A Kodierschutz should be safe from hackers do.


A glance at the display, the device firmly in both hands: That was Barack Obama on Thursday to see it from his office in the White House came - the U.S. president has his BlackBerry back. Photographer documented the moment repeatedly.

After his swearing in as president Obama was the mobile and e-mail device for safety reasons has been removed. At Obama's request worked out of a super-secret safe Kodierschutz for the instrument of the president from making it impossible for hackers to crack Obama's communications.

The U.S. secret service, was among other things, warned against the possibility, the most powerful man in the world when the phone calls to locate or communications.

Obama insisted, however, to keep the device. He needed it as a window into the world beyond its strict security checks by government dominated daily life.

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