Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T-Mobile blocked calls cheap.

With Skype on the iPhone cheap Internet phone calls? Nix da, says the telecom and locks the Internet telephony service from their mobile networks. It would improve the quality, the group argues. But actually go to something else, critics suspect.


Since today there is also Skype on Apple's touchscreen phone, a version for BlackBerry smartphones is planned for May announced. "Finally, are fans of the two device groups say. Because you want to have a lot: Smartphone buy data flatrate subscribe, cheap phone calls via Skype. Just now this dream could come true, at least theoretically. Practically, however, German iPhone users will continue as normal over mobile networks calls, because the mobile phone market leader Skype may not be seen in its networks.

This at least establishes a statement of the T-Mobile spokesman Alexander von Schmettow close. Compared to the "Business Week", he said, T-Mobile will Skype Internet telephony service in its mobile network block. The reasoning: If the iPhone-users to keep their data for use Skype conversations, would the performance of the network suffer. Data would be slowed down, the network could be overloaded. Prior to that we must protect.

Furthermore, the measure needed to ensure the consistent quality of voice connections to be able to guarantee. Problems with Skype could be approved by the customer as telecom issues to be misinterpreted. Well, therefore, the Group intends mobile Skype usage as well stop, where in fact plenty of bandwidth available, ie to the thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots on the T-Mobile is so proud.

With iPhone OS 3.0 but it works

Critics suspect the quality of debate was only a pretext argument. "T-Mobile does not deserve to run phone calls over Skype," for example, strongly
Macnotes and suspected in the concern about potential revenue losses to the actual reason for the action of the Telekom.

Skype itself has the possibility of VoIP calls via UMTS, HSDPA or EDGE to lead in the now available version of the software - at least in this country - apparently completely disabled. Although the accompanying text for the software in Apple's App Store is, you can also connect via wireless connections, do you get when you try to do this, only an error message on the screen.

This indicates that the device associated with the mobile Skype calls are not permitted. It is even in the official press release of Skype said that for example, Skype-to-Skype calls and calls to fixed or mobile network from any Wi-Fi Zone "were possible.

And actually quite a few users report that at least Skype is currently not only in private Wi-Fi hotspots, but also in T-Mobile hotspots uncomplainingly work. Possibly, the Group is still not sophisticated technical ability to the cheap VoIP phone calls to stop. And not only that
Engadget has tried out how the software on an Apple mobile phone with the
iPhone OS 3.0 installed. And lo and behold: Skype runs on the future iPhone OS is a bit shaky, but it also allows Skype calls via UMTS, HSDPA and EDGE.

iPod users can do regardless of his

But even without the iPhone OS 3.0 is it worth even now, the Skype software on the iPhone to install. In a brief test showed that the program is not only stable, but still comfortable and very iPhone-style to use. These include that it is not troublesome in Skype's contact details must be entered. Instead, it uses the software simply from the contacts of the iPhone.

Above all, should the owner of the iPod touch rejoice. Your MP3 player is using Skype on a real phone, though only within Wi-Fi networks. However, the publication of Skype once again a lack of your iPhone, you almost had forgotten about: programs can not run in the background. So if you are using Skype on the iPhone will reach the software must be constantly kept open in the foreground - and it will also deal with the iPhone OS 3.0 does not change. The blocks are not only different applications, it also sucks the battery very quickly.

Must it necessarily be Skype?

Really dramatic is the refusal of T-Mobile, Skype into its networks to be not so. Really useful, the software mainly for outgoing calls to use. And you should because of the greater bandwidth anyway via Wi-Fi it was - at least for now - even on T-Mobile hotspots still seem to work.

And if T-Mobile Skype really well in its Block hotspots should remain still have some alternatives. Because along with the new software of the VoIP market leader there in the App Store already several other programs like fring, Nimbuzz and Truphone, which is via Wi-Fi with iPhone Cheap calls - and the T-Mobile has apparently not yet on the radar.

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