Saturday, March 14, 2009

The biggest mobile phone in the world.

The largest, fully functional mobile phone in the world is 4.5 meters high, stands in Chicago and is of course a commercial gimmick - but it is not absurd gadget. Passers-by can be a little gymnastic exercise on the XXL SMS keyboard on the device write.


The Guinness Book of World Records has long been dominated by questionable excellence whose sole purpose it seems to a new record somehow measurable category justified. Because so beckons the entry into the Compendium of the Irish brewery, the world's advertising works: Cheap can be from a company advertising hardly get.

The simplest mesh to create a new category is of course the modification of an existing entry. Sun can be found in the Guinness Book record of not only the fastest SMS Tip of the world (41.52 seconds for 160 characters). But also - more or less comprehensible - Entry for writing SMS with your eyes closed and the completely absurd entry for typing SMS at Skydive.

And since Wednesday, the world is at another record Gaga-rich, whose reverse logic seems almost philosophical: The biggest, functional cell phone in the world was in Chicago the astonished public. The Monster Mobile fits with a height of 4.5 meters determined in any pocket - so long as no ambitious tailor the right, the world's largest trousers sew. The current record holder, a pair of jeans with a total length of 40 meters, in any case is still too small for the largest mobile phone.

Monster buttons

The Handy-size record is part of a marketing campaign of the U.S. wireless service provider Cricket Wireless. The company has, in cooperation with Samsung an exact copy of the model "R450 Messager" in XXL format built. It was particular emphasis, not only the shape but also imitate all the functions. This includes one of Schiebmechanimus with which the keyboard of the device can pull out, which in the case of the giant model of a hand probably is not enough.

But the inner workings and operation of the mobile elements have been selected for the promotional gimmick reconstructed. And so passersby can currently in Chicago with the monster and send SMS mobile phone calls - while typing 160 characters, given the distances between the keys rather extensive gymnastic exercise requires.

Dream of a cellphone tower

That the phone giant from Chicago for a Samsung model, meanwhile, seems logical. The South Korean group has in the past, a high affinity for mobile monstrosities proven. So Samsung was about 30 about six feet high statues made to a hand with emporgestrecktem mobile phone display. These were for advertising purposes, especially in Asia at prominent places. Served as models in several Samsung models, which displays partial functional designed.



Magazine for electronic life aspects

The record for the largest, fully functional mobile phone currently considered the "Megaphone" with a height of 123 centimeters. The device was oversized in an IT company built it for trade shows and other events rented. The truly mobile megalomaniac plan came from Australia. They announced the enterprising self-made millionaire John Ilhan 2005, for 20 million euros a 120 meter tall skyscraper in mobile form to want to build. However, succumbed to the entrepreneur a heart attack 2007, which also plans to "Phone Tower" had died.

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