Tuesday, March 24, 2009

End of SMS roaming Abzocke.

Now the greed of the mobile when sending the SMS-off valve. After 2008, the EU already charging caps for mobile phones in other European countries established, will now also send SMS messages and data will be cheaper.


Strasbourg - Good news for fans of SMS text messages to and from other European countries will probably be cheaper than before. Instead of up to 80 cents to citizens in the EU from July maximum is 11 cents per SMS, plus VAT, as the European Parliament on Tuesday in Strasbourg announced. For tourists and business travelers would be an SMS-price of 13.1 cents. Furthermore, the cost of data transmission and Internet use via mobile phone will be capped.

Using mobile phones abroad will be cheaper, at least within the EU to be used for SMS and data should be a ceiling

This compromise on legal limits on the so-called roaming, representatives of the Parliament with representatives of EU member states. The Parliament House is the end of April to vote on the compromise. Following still need the relevant ministers give the green light. The new rules would be from 1 July to apply - ie time to travel season.

For browsing the Internet or the e-mail sending via mobile phone abroad, the EU parliament also new ceilings. Targets can therefore but initially only for the wholesale prices - the cost of about a Spanish network operator to the German mobile operator to a passenger when data roaming bill can.

Protection against shocks billing

The wholesale prices will be here from July to a maximum of one euro per megabyte (MB) of data are transmitted. From July 2010 to 80 cents are from 2011 and then 50 cents (plus VAT).

It will also give it an option with which consumers from March 2010 billing shocks could protect. Thus, they could limit their suppliers, or about 50 euros, pretend, after reaching its roaming connections would be blocked.

The Act is an initiative of the EU Media Commissioner Viviane Reding, who tried for years, prices for international mobile usage costs. It was in July 2007, a new Euro Tariff for mobile calls duty, the ceilings for the so-called roaming charges provided. These are the tariffs, the telecom providers charge each other when their customers make calls abroad or write an SMS.

From 2012 the market should regulate itself

The ceilings for outgoing calls German mobile phone customers must be due to the Euro tariff scheme this summer to a maximum of 51.2 cents per minute including VAT, will fall. Incoming calls will then cost a maximum of 22.6 cents allowed. Under the current regime, these caps a year later to 46.4 and 17.9 cents in July 2011 again to 41.7 and 13.1 cent fall. New is also the obligation to exact payroll in seconds of the talks after the first 30 seconds.

The new regulation will apply only to 2012. Thereafter, the competition itself to ensure that prices remain low. Ministers and Parliament House must still approve the new regulation. "I now expect a healthy competition for attractive retail prices," said the chairman of the parliamentary committee for industry, energy and research, Angelika Niebler (CSU).

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