Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple is dreaming of giant mobile software world.

New push-services and sales models, Bluetooth networks, and more than a thousand Interfaces: Apple iPhone will be the final mini-computer. The Group opened programmers now lucrative opportunities for better mobile software - without great expense to the competition abzuhängen.


The figures, Apple's software boss Scott Forstall on Tuesday at a press conference in Cupertino announced that speak for themselves. The Software Developer Kit (SDK), with the user's own applications for the iPhone can write, since it was launched over one year ago downloaded about 800,000 times. Active program, according to 50,000 users Forstall good software for Apple's smartphone. Altogether there are already more than 25,000 programs.

That business with the iPhone software is booming, mainly due to the fact that it may be worth considerably for Apple's smartphone programs. Because the programs are downloaded via a central store sells, the App Store. 30 percent commission Apple collects per downloaded application - get the rest of the programmer, who is also the price of its software itself may determine.

With this model, Apple fired a huge creative market that the company not only additional money into the coffers flush, but the iPhone with new, creative applications always smarter - and thus against the competition unique features ensures that Apple without anything to do needs. The App Store model is so successful that it recently
a number of Apple's competitors was copied.

  But it seems that the Apple's rivals in this field one step ahead.
During the presentation of the new Apple operating system, few surprises emerged promoted, the SDK has been considerably refined.

For more than a thousand new programming interfaces (APIs) is the modular growth - more functions of the mobile phones are so for other programs harnessed. The software offers a universe of new possibilities to develop smarter applications. Forstall said on Tuesday the following improvements of particular importance:

Multiple iPhones can now via Bluetooth to a network together. This is especially interesting for computer games, but also for fast data exchange.
The management of hardware on the iPhone has been significantly improved. It is now possible, for instance, the equalizer of a loudspeaker on the iPhone to control or medical devices with intelligent software to connect.
Apple finally implements the "push notification" service, with the alert signals on the iPhone can be sent. This is for example, messenger services interesting. Originally, Apple had this feature already in September 2008 to publish.

In order to program more attractive, Apple also expanded its App Store. The number of countries in which software can be downloaded to be from 62 to 77 increased. For developers it means more coverage - and more potential buyers.

Apple added to the business of the App Stores for three major issues - and responds to the demands of many developers who search for the marketing of its software more flexibility wish:

Apple claims to future cumulative sales models: A game developer can, for example, only the first ten levels of his games sell - and the next ten only against payment of an additional unlock fee.

Subscriptions should be supported. Vendors of e-magazines, therefore, get the opportunity to present their products for several months in advance to sell.

Micropayment: The sale of small items within fee software is also made possible. Users can thus, for example, now on the iPhone in virtual game worlds clothing for an avatar buy. As the drainage presented on Tuesday the company Electronic Arts - with an iPhone version of their successful game "The Sims".


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Apple pushed with all these new features, the strategy of competitors with a veritable flood of intelligent applications for the iPhone be topped. What new opportunities to improve the SDK and the App Store opened, one could on Tuesday in Cupertino already guessed: Seven software programmers were the new SDK in the past two weeks for free - and showed at the press event, which is within a short time from the Developer Kit can bring out.

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