Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cell phone bills of 2008 are sunk.

The decisions of the EU Commission seems to pay off: One study suggests that the prices of mobile phones and SMS 2008 on the 2004 level. The accounts of the Germans were on average over the previous year and almost half lower.


Brussels - The monthly mobile phone bills of Germans are in the past year by almost half. This is the result of a study conducted on behalf of the European Commission. Thus German paid mobile customers with a "medium use" of their mobile phones in 2008 in average only 17.41 euro per month and almost 13 euros less than in 2007. The results of the study, the European Commission on Wednesday in Brussels.

Mobile bill: According to the EU Commission, the cost of mobile phone use of 2008 decreased

The Commission suggests that German consumers over two euros less than the EU average. The number of mobile phone contracts in Germany, meanwhile, as throughout the EU is also, again, as the annual Commission report on the telecommunications market shows.

Across the EU, prices fell for SMS and mobile phones from 2004 to 2008 at least 34.5 percent, they are now below the 2004 level.

Besides, consumers benefited from a better quality of services, said the Media and Information Society Commissioner Viviane Reding. The improvements schlügen, among other things, faster Internet access down. Of the Germans meanwhile had 27.5 percent over broadband connections. "Millions of country people" were in the Federal Republic still cut off from broadband.

Rain was used in Europe according to the report, consumers from the possibility of their telephone company to switch. 20.5 million people changed accordingly fixed or mobile operator while retaining their old numbers. The EU average time of change at eight mobile phones days in Germany, there were three. However, the customers in Germany for this service in other countries is free, each 21 to 30 euros have to pay.

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