Friday, March 27, 2009

Garbage-network SMS begs for emptying.

The U.S. city of Somerville wants garbage by 50 mobile network in order to optimize the discharge and energy and money. This is made possible by solar-powered garbage presses, at Disney's garbage robot Wall-E "remember.


The town of Somerville in the U.S. state of Massachusetts is so far not as high-tech location noticed. But that could change in the future if the new concept of urban waste is rising: The community wants: 50 high-tech trash can connect via SMS.

The concept of networked dustbins provides that the container via the mobile station if they are nearly full. The aim is always tons of ideal date be emptied. And this exact emptied, the environment, the traffic in the city and reduce the $ 14,000 annually in the form of fuel and personnel costs.
This is explained in any case, the head of city administration, Michael Lambert, opposite New York Times.

Only they can speak not: The fully automatic garbage Press, which reports via SMS, if it wants to be emptied

That calculated by the electronic upgrade of really simple objects on the environment to be effective at first sight, of course, absurd. Finally, created by the manufacture, installation and operation of the new technology first loads. But behind the SMS-ton is more than one mobile gadget.

In the garbage, in Somerville with SMS features are upgraded, it is now high-tech items. The model
BigBelly Solar Seahorse Power Company is not only a container, but a fully automated garbage press. The "big belly" compresses the waste, if a certain level sensors reported. Repeated presses can be tons of garbage at least five times more than conventional models include the same size.

The pressing process is carried out according to manufacturer with a huge pressure of 780 kilograms and will last exactly 41 seconds - during this period can be no garbage in the garbage can be thrown. The energy for the system comes from solar panels on the lid tonnes in its standard version is about the level LEDs. The upgrade to a wireless module is under these conditions of course, no particular piece of art, mainly because the power supply already is assured.

Although an automatic trashcompactor costs around 4000 euros, will the purchase worthwhile for many communities. In Europe, the tons currently in Dublin and Salzburg tested in practice, but still without SMS connectivity. But already in the execution, the ununvernetzten Waste 80 percent previously required emptying savings.



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And "BigBelly" is not the only one trying to garbage economy through automated systems to revolutionize. Thus, in a small village in Tuscany is currently a field, when the refuse collection and street cleaning robots take over.

The stakes of DustCart and DustClean are also coordinated via mobile, however, these garbage-bot does not compress the waste, they are also energy dependent from the wall outlet.

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