Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The phone number of God.

0031 6 442 449 01 - "Here God, I can call just do not!" A Dutch conceptual artist has set up a phone number on their mailbox to post messages to the World handlebar can leave. The aim of the project: modern pray.


For about a week, God has a phone number with voicemail. If the Dutch mobile phone number 0031 6 442 449 01 dials, you get - in Nederlands - in any case, the following message to be heard: "Here speaks God. I can call just do not. Please leave a message or try later again, maybe even get you an answer. "

God (here on a Bible illustration in the edition of 1541, from the fundus of the Thuringian University and State Library in Jena, Germany): reputation but at times, man!

Now of course God has no Dutch mobile phone Treaty worried. Just how God's voice in the voice mail greeting sounds. The telephone number of God is much more a project of the concept of artist Johan van Dong. But despite the phone ringing incessantly and God supposedly collect itself several hundred messages on the mailbox.

In an interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide, "said the artist, the divine phone number, it is not a joke:" It is a serious art, which deals with rituals addressed. " Accordingly, it is van der Dong about the ritual of silent dialogue with God, a new, contemporary form.

Previously people had to pray in the church have gone, said the artist continues. Now it was to see "how the people on a hotline to God" would respond. Therefore, he also recognizes a mobile and no landline number furnished. The paradigm of the networked society, always and everywhere to be attainable, it should eventually apply to God, says van der Dong.

This reminds the Dutch art of the mobile phone in the coffin of a New York lawyer, whose members also use the mailbox to the deceased, their thoughts. And what, in this case, even after an obscure individual sounds, get with the concept of art-point system: voice mail messages are also evident as a vehicle for remembrance.

Discretion guaranteed

For a secular mailbox to the contemplative place, it must be, however, meet certain requirements. For example, discretion. "I'm not a pastor. I am artist and I will not hear the news. They should be a secret between God and the call ends remain," said van der Dong. The messages will generally be heard by no one and not as elements of future projects.



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The fact that religious feelings of the artists really seriously, moreover, he has already proven. 2006, van der Dong is already a mailbox set up for God. At that time, he postulated that the secrecy of correspondence also applies to God. The letters were received unopened therefore burned and the ashes scattered at sea. The mailbox is still God for half a year away in any case where the incoming messages are regularly deleted to make room for more.

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