Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vuitton Motorola, Mickey iPhone, Gucci Mouse.

Have your new cell phone from orange seen? Chinese counterfeiters are - depending on the perspective - grow bolder, and resourceful. Instead of simple copies, they are increasingly desert brand mixes, which are identical in several models to operate.


Is there a Louis Vuitton Edition of Motorola's mobile-Edel "aura"? Disney cooperates with Apple in the production of a Mickey Mouse-iPhone? Is there really a game edition of Nokia's 8800 model?

A clear answer is probably no to these questions, at any rate, it depends on the perspective. The above-mentioned companies and brands are the questions clearly negative. On the black market and on relevant web pages are the phones mentioned but very much to have.

Indeed, Chinese counterfeiters are confined no longer to the exact imitation of existing models. They already have a lot more like a free product interpretative tradition developed in which really nothing is impossible. For the affected company is obviously very angry, while the illegal creations but also quite entertaining.

For example, if resourceful pirates once across Apple's product range and the result fantasize
"iPhone Air call: The phone combines elements of MacBook, iPod and iPhone into a bizarre flip phone with two SIM card slots. Or, if the forger on the safe side think that the apple because they are consistently replaced by an orange. It is then the
"iOrgane" out an iPhone-plagiarism, which acts as if it momentarily into a hallucinogenic paintcan fallen (and by the targeted Buchstabenwürfler also marks the collision with the Orange mobile avoids).

Doppelt hält besser

Once upon illegal Produktabwegen course there is no more reason to stop an infringement of copyright to make. Because if that sell counterfeits, because they shine from an established brand to benefit, then yes, they might sell even better when you are in the same two brands operated. Following this logic, for example, is
the Mickey Mouse-Apple cell phone emerged, although in this case the logo on a fairly unimaginative Cheap phone combined.

With the same mesh, but a bit sophisticated in style, the
Louis Vuitton editions of Motorola mobile phones from the counterfeiters workshop. The "imobil V453 Phone" or "imobil Phone V358" baptized phones combine the Motorola models "aura" and "RAZR" with the familiar pattern of French luxury brand. The fact that piracy is not necessarily better, double stops, shows, among which the fact that the two double-fakes after a few days again disappeared from the net - two angry groups also react with more legal action as a counter.

New Features: Better than the original

But counterfeit products are not only by multiple copyright or trademark infringement on. Sometimes the pirates complete their creations, including functions that the original did not have. So the phone is ringing with the name "Gucci Doll" a brazen forgery of iRiver Mplayer. This has - officially licensed - in the form of Disney's Mickey Mouse, but offers only MP3 player functions. Plagiarism can, in contrast to the original fold and so does the mouse calls.



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A similar situation is also a Barbie-mobile "P520" for example: The exterior is similar to the device by the dominant pink to make the blogs legally licensed MP3 Player Barbie B2 ". But unlike with the original can be reached by the Chinese pirate creations also make phone calls. Even more daring seems to last a peculiarity that the name "Cool8800C" listens. The mobile phone is reminiscent at first glance striking at Nokia "8800 Arte". Unlike the original, you can fake the Open twice, however, so as a mobile gaming console to get.

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