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This may be the new iPhone software.

MMS-Versand, "Cut & Paste", comprehensive search function: With the third version of its iPhone operating system, Apple includes many important gaps - and the programmers kit, with the user's iPhone applications can write to the final mutated killer application.


Since only helps self-irony. Apple's iPhone, a cellphone, which the entire mobile market has circulated. Two versions of the operating system already exists, the third will now follow. And only then it contains a function that in the eyes of many users has been long overdue. Scott Forstall, vice president of Apple knows that and that is why he flees into the humor, as he died on Tuesday morning (local time) in Cupertino, the news of iPhone OS 3.0 presents.

Google Vice Forstall at the presentation of the new iPhone operating system: "Cut, copy and paste. And undo"

For months, twitter and blog users that the iPhone lacks a simple way, the other smartphones like the BlackBerry (Research in Motion) or Treo (Palm) long have the option to cut text and images - and any other body reinstates .

"Cut, copy and paste" says Forstall and shows how a few simple finger point text and images from e-mails, SMS or web pages ausschneidet into other programs and insert again. Forstall then makes an art break - and shake the iPhone. "And undo," he says. He grins and waits until the laughter in the hall again abebbt.

That one can cut and paste content from iPhone-shaking undo it, is one of the pretty details that make the third of the smartphone operating system in store.

Over 100 new features, the iPhone OS 3.0 - for virtually all of them, however, to applications that are critical users have long been calling for - and where one wonders why it took so long until Apple offers these features . Since, for example ...

... the possibility to send MMS,
... Programs decency to browse,
The touch-screen keyboard in landscape mode in the major programs to be able to use, so the letters are larger.

Apple offers these functions now - and thus closes important gaps in an evergreen
tougher competitive market. The smartphone revolution has the power relations of the producers in their foundations shaken. Nokia dominated the end of 2007, yet over 50 percent in the smartphone segment, the end of 2008 there were just 37 percent. The shares of Apple and Research in Motion rose significantly: 13.7 million iPhones sold, according to Forstall, the company last year, 17 million since its launch on 29 June 2007.

But the competition never sleeps - they always produce smarter smartphones - and Apple takes the spot. For innovators from Cupertino, it was important, therefore, the operating system to the needs of users. A really big surprise, as they occasionally Apple unveiled on presentations, the OS 3.0 but not - at least for now.

Indeed, the really impressive new feature of the new operating system is its power only in the coming weeks and months unfold, the new Software Developer Kit (SDK) that enables programmers around the globe, new applications for the OS 3.0 and write a self-defined price the App Store, Apple's software bazaar sell.

This approach enables many programmers suddenly in the position, as a freelancer to work for Apple - and, if the software is successful, so good to earn money. And it was loud Forstall set like a bomb. "Since the introduction of the first eight months ago SDK have been over 25,000 applications in the App Store is set," he says. These were so far over 800 million copies have been downloaded. "And we're only scratching the surface," said Forstall.

  With the introduction of the new operating system, Apple has now also the software developer kit developed - and still much stronger than the operating system itself to over 1000 new programming interfaces (APIs) is the modular now richer.

The new interfaces include the ability, via peer-to-peer computer games together with other iPhone users to play or the iPhone, and networking of medical devices like blood glucose meters with an iPhone software, which facilitates self-diabetics and it has a mobile available social network together with other diabetics.


Boom of the mobile phone software: Revolution is in the air (17.02.2009)

What a powerful software with the new SDK can be programmed, it was possible on Tuesday in Cupertino already guessed: Seven software programmers enjoyed in recent weeks the privilege, with the new SDK to work - the presentation of what they are in such a short Developing time with the kit program, provoked in the audience frenetic applause. On the stock market, the Apple shares, mainly because of the new SDK, significantly.

50,000 programmers who are already on the Apple developer program, the software now for free. If you have not registered,
may SDK to test register. The new Apple operating system, according to Forstall in the summer will be available for download. For iPhone users can download free of charge, owner of an iPod Touch, with the same operating system, paid $ 9.95.

What the new Apple operating system can do - play an important role in blogs ONLINE Overview

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