Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The mobile phone with the rotation.

This device is the phone for minor matter: The Ondo man is making music, changing music, and especially fun. A design firm in Munich had the idea. But still has a matter hook.


Is that still a cell phone or even a musical instrument? Somewhere in between lies the definition of what is really the Ondo - or even could be. So far, the cool green black device is not much more than a good idea. Three years have designers, marketing experts and engineers of the Munich-based design firm Pilotfish worked at Ondo. The result is a concept that with ordinary mobile phones about as much to do like a microwave with a grill fire.

It begins with the display, rather the display on. Because the main screen of Ondo is not just any screen - the device has three screens. During normal operation, everything will be shown what is on a cell phone needs for information: contact information, calendar entries, if necessary, perhaps even a weather forecast.

The special thing about this display is that the three parts of which it exists, can be removed. About a clip on the back to the mini-displays of musical instruments then stapled. Alternatively, they can also simply as a microphone in hand.

In this configuration, the Ondo serves as a miniature recording studio, you can on each of the micro-displays a different tool, or just start singing. These recordings could then, for example, wirelessly to the device or the flash memory sticks are stored.

A digital Jammer hook

Did you this way, a song recorded, the real fun started: The cell phone itself is the music recordings of different instruments such as a mixer can mix. Effects would also conceivable, for example, the vocal reverb and echo added.

In this phase, another highlight of the course to Ondo, his elastic centerpiece. The green rubber knubbelige lobes, the two parts of the phone together, will consist of a flexible material with piezoelectric properties are produced.

And that would be the specific rotation of the thing: by upper and lower part of the Ondo against twisted, you could almost digital sound parameters such as with an analogue controller fluently change.

The simplest application would be a volume control: The more you twist the device, the louder the sound. Impressing should it be, though, so sound effects to manipulate. Approximately by the pitch of a sound by turning changed. It works a bit like the so-called Jammer hook, the tremolo of electric guitars, the guitarist with their solos spice.

A mobile music community

If you are with the results of the grafted host so happy, can you send them via MMS. The designers use floats a model in which musicians from all over the world to exchange their ideas with each other, mutually song fragments and send them again to expand Own.

Whether it actually will come once the extent is far from secure. Still Ondo is the only one concept. Three years in Pilotfish has worked to the idea and its implementation again and again refined. Now the company is looking for companies who are so bravely the unusual concept to realize.

When will we see it?

Success, the Munich designer with such projects have often had. Companies like Asus and Medion have products they can make. In the professional field of music include the Berlin-based company Native Instruments Pilotfish to customers, has evolved from the Munich devices can be designed with musicians such as guitar, and computers can - what a great success.

Whether the combination of mobile phones and musical instruments as well and remains to be seen. Interestingly it seems that the idea in any case. But it made the Ondo even as so many sports car study, the international automotive fairs is shown. Only rarely are such concept cars actually later in series. Individual innovations but there is not rare in series wagon again. Keep your eyes peeled, perhaps soon, there is the first mobile phone with Knubbel joint.

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