Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Killer SMS insecure Egyptians.

The rumor is absurd, but it stubbornly holds: Supposedly in Egypt is an SMS in circulation, which is deadly if you think of them. Now turn to authorities, and even try to cellphone users to calm down.


The scenario is known from Hollywood: It is a call, watching a forbidden video or receives a cryptic message, and a week later it is dead, the idea that Gore Verbinski as a template for his horror film "The Ring" served to offset in Egypt thousands of mobile users in fear and terror.

SMS messages on a mobile phone (here in Japanese): In Egypt, the authorities had to intervene because supposedly deadly text messages are in circulation

The reason is a report of daily Egyptian Gazette ", which a man in Mallawi, south of Cairo, would impose a stroke, shortly after one of the mysterious text messages received. Supposedly, the ominous, deadly messages from a combination of digits, with a plus symbol and ending with the number sequence 111 ends.

The rumors about the so-called killer-SMS were so persistent that even now the authorities were forced, against the further dissemination of information about the allegedly dangerous SMS approach. So reported the official MENA news agency on Wednesday, referring to security circles, there was no phone message, which is among the recipients until severe headaches and a fatal brain hemorrhage could trigger.

The Ministry of Health officially declared that it was the authorities no such case is known. "These rumors contradict any scientific evidence," it said in the statement. The Ministry of the Interior took three oil workers, according to MENA under the suspicion finds the rumor being circulated to have.

A similar message was once widespread in 2007. At that time, the SMS has made a round in which some numbers were called, which allegedly would lead to death as soon as one of them is called. The story turned out, however, quickly took a hoax and had no official complacency.

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