Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Instead of compensation free SMS for T-Mobile customers.

Five hours total failure, instead of compensation one days free ledges: As an excuse for the power failure adopts T-Mobile customers on Sunday the charges for simple text messages.


Because of a breakdown was almost 40 million T-Mobile customers on Tuesday from 16 to approximately 21 clock neither phone, cornices still surf the Web. Compensation is available to clients not to. The contractual terms and conditions of T-Mobile would be in principle no such interference compensation, said company spokeswoman Marion Kessing.

Disturbance in the T-Mobile network: A software error was the cause

But as a so-called "gesture of reparation" on Sunday may be T-Mobile customers a day-long standard free text messages to send to all networks, announced T-Mobile Germany boss George Pölzl to.

On questions about the causes of breakdown and crisis management of blogs ONLINE T-Mobile said on Wednesday not. Which "gesture-reparations" for customers is planned for the already-Flatrate SMS charged, said the group may not.

The SMS Tröster Chen to customers for the Group is an inexpensive gesture: SMS services are highly profitable because they are the mobile operators cost hardly anything. At least in normal usage behavior: In the United States, there are two T-Mobile customers managed in a month to send 217,000 text messages - together create 6000 messages a day. The 40 million German T-Mobile customers could thus - similar SMS Training provided - purely arithmetically on Sunday sent 120 billion text messages.

Record attempt: an expensive fun

The U.S. record aspirants had, however,
their time-trial anger SMS with T-Mobile received more than 26,000 U.S. Dollar requires the operator of one of the two. The 29-year-old Nick Andes had the time sending SMS to its flat rate had left. The bill came in one package. With the postage this was according to U.S. media reports, $ 27.

Because T-Mobile accurately detailing all the individual connections on - the stack of paper will be as thick as two phone books have been. Possible Explanation: As the Andes regional television station WSB-TV said that T-Mobile informing him that the flat rate for technical reasons to 100,000 SMS per month is limited. This limit was never a problem, because so far no such customer schreibwütig was.

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