Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Disturbance in the T-Mobile network fixed.

It was the biggest power failure so far: Million T-Mobile's customers were suddenly on Tuesday evening, no more calls. The troubleshooting lasted until late at night. A similar error was already a year ago, the network of a T-Mobile's competitors paralyzed - software was to blame.


The shock came before Feierabend: Shortly after 16 clock on Tuesday
silent with shock million mobile phones. "No network" was the lapidary error message on the display of the parties involved. At least three hours took the trouble to cut a lot of customers of the mobile market leader of the mobile from. To 19 clock reported the group then:
Errors, mistakes corrected, the systems are running again. The restoration lasted but late into the night. Now reports of the Group: Everything is working again without errors.

Power failure at T-Mobile: hours were customers of Telekom subsidiary is not phoning

All customers can now make phone calls, said the head of the Telecom mobile division T-Mobile, Pölzl George, on Wednesday morning in the ZDF magazine. The disturbances were in the course of the night has been completely eliminated. At the same time apologized Pölzl at all T-Mobile customers. The company is constantly striving to offer its customers the latest and best technology to offer, he said. However, it never totally exclude the possibility that it may cause interference.

Telekom stated reason for the failure of software errors are the Home Location Register (HLR) have been. This system is used on a total of three servers, which on Tuesday had two failed. The referenced technique ensures that a connection between mobile station and the associated number is produced. T-Mobile boss Pölzl said on ZDF, Deutsche Telekom had here last year, a new system installed. Now it was right there on the interference. The causes should be investigated further. Such an error should not occur, said the T-Mobile boss.

Million Affected

How many of the nearly 40 million T-Mobile customers were affected by the disorder, was not yet known, but industry experts spoke of millions. Customers could not make calls with their cell phone or surf the Internet. Even text messages were not sent or received. Initially it was unclear exactly what areas were affected. ONLINE blogs are messages from readers that even in countries affected by the accident were.

On the telecom competitors Vodafone, the failure of the T-Mobile network, however, no impact. "For us, everything around," said spokesman Jens Kuerten on Tuesday evening in Dusseldorf. Vodafone has 36 million mobile customers in Germany. Also, the landline provider Arcor in Frankfurt, which is about three million customers and will be merged with Vodafone, has indicated that it has no problems in his own net.

Similar power failure a year ago

Before quite exactly a year, but also with Vodafone
a major power failure to fight. One evening in April 2008, the network was the second largest German mobile phone company plagued by problems. First it had been the group said that the entire network was paralyzed, and later indicated that it is only occasional failures.

The cause of the error was in the Vodafone-Rechenzentrum in Ratingen identified. During a routine maintenance was an employee there made a false entry, so an error is triggered avalanche, which is characterized by the Vodafone network spread. The restoration of the networks had at Vodafone had approximately two and a half hours.

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